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Remedial Therapy



We believe that you function best when you Spirit, Body and Mind are in Alignment


Rupert Penrith



Dani Penrith

Remedial Therapist

Pilates Instructor

At Three Point Health, we believe that we function at our best when our mind, body and spirit are all in alignment. We understand that stresses on the mind or body are reflected in our actions and manifested through tension, hence not being able to think clearly which then creates decision making and general every day function difficult.

Choice is incredibly valuable, hence at Three Point Health we aim at helping our bodies stay in optimum health through Counselling, Pilates and Massage; Our minds to stay clear through Pilates and Counselling our Bodies to stay supple through Massage and Pilates as well as learning how to support ourselves well through wellness consultations.

Reduce your hip & back pain with 3 simple stretches.

Did you know that there are 3 simple exercises you can do at home, in as little as 10 minutes a day which will reduce your pain and discomfort?

What’s more, you’ll see greater results at your next treatment session at Three Point Health. 

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Pilates is the complete co-ordination of body, mind and spirit. Having a range of benefits that includes the improvement of circulation, reduced stress, anxiety and depression, posture improvement, reduced tension, improved skin tone, improved quality of sleep and so much move.

Three Point Health Pilates is a quiet & focused Studio with a no-shame policy so every one is welcome and works at their own pace towards their goals.

Private sessions can booked below or contact the Studio today to learn more about group sessions.

Remedial Massage

Daniela Penrith is a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with over 25 years of body work experience. Dani (as she prefers to be known) has more than the basic qualifications, completing a Body Science Diploma, a Remedial Massage Diploma and a Diploma in Dance

She has also many Certifications of other courses which she completed through her membership with the nationally accredited Australian Association of Massage Therapists.

A warm and friendly environment where client care is the most important, book your session with Dani today.


Rupert Penrith is a qualified Counsellor with over a decade of experience.

His experience is across a range of mental health and relational challenges within families, married couples, individuals children & young adults.  

As a member of the Australian Counselling Association ensures that a safe, ethical, respectful and non-judgemental approach is provided.

For more insight into counselling visit our Counselling page.

Book your 10min Initial Contact Call to organise your Counselling Session today.



I started Pilates at TPHS around 1.5 years ago at age 67. I was already quite fit for my age, though Pilates has made a huge improvement to my posture & balance.

Dani is an awesome instructor with a wealth of knowledge. The atmosphere at the Studio is peaceful & other participants warm and friendly. You should come and join us for an hour of fun, fitness and laughter. 

-Meg Finnerty


Dani has been using her healing hands to help me for the best part of the last decade. Previous to the experience with her I was not convinced massage was the answer. Finding the right skilful person is the key & Dani is the answer! Her caring nature, education & vast knowledge keeps my ailments in check & improved quality of movement and pain reduction. She assisted with rehab post spinal surgery and the years beyond. I personally highly recommend Dani for all her treatments & thank her for the years of care.

-Jess Hingston


My experience with TPHS is fantastic. Its always friendly & the environment is very welcoming.

Through Pilates I feel stronger and more flexible, I always feel fresh and have a much stronger mindset every time I leave the Studio. 

Dani’s massages help release tension and tightness – such a great feeling! 

-Savanna Webb


At first Pre-Natal Pilates was quite a challenge because I hadn’t moved my body in that way since before my first pregnancy but after a few sessions I was surprised at how energized and great I felt after doing it each week. It definitely helped with loosening up some tightness I had in my gluts and back. It was also good for growing confidence in what my body could do. I would certainly recommend PreNatal Pilates at Three Point Health, it’s enjoyable, low impact and a great way to gently move your body in pregnancy.

-Myriam Guntrip


Even though Pre-Natal Pilates was challenging at times, it was a good challenge and I felt so refreshed and energised after each class. I felt as though I was doing my body and baby a favour by taking the time to stretch out the aches and pains pregnancy brings and strengthen the areas needed for labour. I also slept SO well after every class and enjoyed the community aspect of meeting and connecting with other Mums.

It definitely helped me be more confident in strength & ability especially in preparation for labour. I used some of the exercises during my labour and in the days leading up and feel it certainly helped. I would definitely recommend Three Point Health’s Pre-Natal Pilates 100%.

-Chelsee Vandefeen


I am so glad I completed the PreNatal Pilates Classes with Dani as I just loved it. It  definitely contributed to no back pain throughout my pregnancy and just generally feeling fit and well. 

I would 100% attend more classed for my second pregnancy and I recommended to al ot of pregnancy friends that joined and loved it too.

-Mariah Hanson

You are BRAVER  – than you believe,
STRONGER  – than you seem
SMARTER – thank you think
and LOVED MORE  –  than you know.

A.A. Milne



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