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  • Does stretching hurt?

There may be some discomfort but it shouldn’t be painful – some slight burning feeling then turns into an invigorating sensation.

  • How long do I hold a stretch?

At least 1 minute is a good stretch

  • When should I stretch?

Stretching is good prior to & after a work out. First thing in the morning or before going to bed.

  • What if it hurts?

If the pain is sharp, you should gently draw back a little from the stretch, then slowly try again. Breathe through the stretch and slowly gain more flexibility. This may take time.

7 Reasons To Stretch

  • Improve Stability:

By stretching your muscles you are increasing their ability to move correctly & assisting your body to function in a balanced manner. This will support correct posture and alignment intern increasing your stability.

  • Increases agility & flexibility

The more comfortable you are with stretching the more agile your body will be. When you require your body to respond in a quick and impulsive manner your flexibility will be agile enough to manage the sudden movement.

  • Helps prevent Injury:

Stretching your muscles helps them remain supple and your joints flexible and agile which supports & protects your body. Your body would be accustomed to moving in different ways, so when you rely on it – it will be able to move, you’ll be able to trust your body preventing any fear of injury.

  • Lowers blood pressure:

Regular stretching reduces the stiffness of the arterial system within your muscles & body. Thus creating easier blood flow hence having a positively affect on your blood pressure.

  • Feel invigorated:

When you stretch is like you “oxygenate” your whole body. You help increase blood flow and due to the bodies increase in oxygen to your whole body as your stretch, your mind & brain is also being fed, you think clearer, feel amazing and ready for your day. Invigorated!

  • Reduces Stress:

Stretching slows you down which gives you time to focus on you & your body. The flow of oxygen while you stretch helps with slowing down your breathing it also slows down your mind – like mindfulness: focusing on the now and present moment, reducing cortisol in your body, hence reducing stress.

  • Clears the mind:

Your oxygen flow is better, your body is responding to slower and better intake of oxygen, hence able to slow your mind & focus on just what is before you. Yes Mindfulness through stretching is a wonderful exercise, with incredible positive results.