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What we believe

At Three Point Health, we believe that we function best when our mind, body and soul are all in alignment. We understand that stresses on the mind or body are reflected in our actions and manifested through tension, hence not being able to think clearly which then creates decision making and general every day function difficult.

Choice is incredibly valuable, hence at Three Point Health we aim at helping our bodies stay in optimum health through Counselling, Pilates and Massage; Our minds to stay clear through Pilates and Counselling our Bodies to stay supple through Massage and Pilates as well as learning how to support ourselves well through wellness consultations.

Three Point Health is a safe environment that offers many opportunities for all people to gain and improve greater health through these modalities:

We pride ourselves in putting our clients and patients first. We are continuously learning and gaining more understanding of how our mind, and body connect and how this can be incorporated into our everyday life to become the best person we want to be. We have a passion to help every one become healthier and fitter, more agile and full of life, to be a positive influence and participator in society creating a great community.

We would love for you to join us on our journey to enhance our health and wellbeing.We are stronger together, we are better together and we have purpose in community.

Join us.


Daniela Penrith

Remedial Massage Therapist

Pilates Instructor

Dance & Vocal Artist 

Daniela Penrith

I have been passionate about body movement all of my life – beginning with studying dance and vocals when I was 3 and progressing through the years having attained Diplomas in Dance, Music, Remedial Massage Therapy and also Certification as a Professional Matwork Pilates Instructor. My extensive knowledge and over 20 years experience in these fields have given me such pinpointed direction and awareness in the fundamentals of body movement. To me, movement is fluid and it should feel natural whether in a state of rest or peak effort.

Every one of us is designed to move, when this movement is harnessed by core strength, it enhances self confidence, promotes well being and produces a healthier lifestyle.

Beginning with our breath, engaging our focus and progressing into movement, our Spirit, Mind and Body are all working in unison towards holistic health. Whether I’m treating, teaching or performing, my goal is to inspire and encourage people to find their centre of balance, be more in tune with themselves to then be an even greater positive influence toward others.

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