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Regina Atkins

Regina Atkins, Teacher

I love the atmosphere at Three Point Health, the care and the connection with other women working towards the same goals.  

It has helped me grow stronger & care for my body, as well as that it has taught me that I can do much more than I ever thought possible. 

Bronwyn Febey

Bron Febey, Administrator

I have been doing Pilates now for over 7 years at Three Point Heath. I love the low impact exercise that packs a punch to the body. It has helped me with core strength overall flexibility which in turn supports all the other activities I do. 

Kathy Young

Kathy Young, School Administration

I started at Three Point Health 4 years ago, it has helped me strengthen my core strength which in turn has helped with my back pain and it’s increased my strength and flexibilty. 

I love doing something just for me, love the stretching, the calm and the laughter. I love pushing myself to go harder, be stronger and do more.

CIndy Clingeleffer

Cindy Clingeleffer Teacher Aid/Counsellor

I’m 52 and work as a Counsellor and Teacher Aide. I joined the Three Point Health Pilates Classes 6 years ago and have been participating regularly since.

I love Dani’s warm embracing nature & the way that she runs the classes, gently coaxing us to develop ourselves to the best of our ability. Dani has provided a safe environment where there is absolutely no criticism but instead we have a light-hearted giggles at ourselves – we’ve had plenty of fun over the years!

I feel great physically and mentally after Pilates, knowing that it has built strength & flexibility, it’s such a great stress release for me and a lovely way to build relationship with a nice bunch of people.

Susan Spinks

Susan Spinks, Business Owner

I am 56 years old and have been doing Pilates at Three Point Health now for 4 years. Pilates keeps me strong especially in my core strength. It has helped me maintain flexibility and strength especially with aging. 

Pilates at Three Point Health is a fun class, with a caring instructor and good people to keep me motivated. 

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